Sex with married doctor

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I work almost five years as a nurse in a hospital. I am in a relationship last four years so I have never dated my colleagues. Though, there was a pretty married doctor, black haired and imposing, who occasionally invited me to go out.
Since I am I a relationship, I was always skillfully rejecting him. We were often working the shifts together and he was more and more attracting me with his lusty look, of course I was hiding that as he is married and I’m in a relationship.
One afternoon we got into elevator to visit the patients on the fifth floor. We were commenting that there was a lot of patients that day. We started moving upwards when suddenly, the elevator stopped. He looked at me like he was just waiting for that to happen. At that moment we both knew what we want.
His hands were slowly moving from my tits down to my flanks. I was so horny, I looked at him very lusty and he started kissing me so passionate, I desired him so much, I thought I was going to lose my breath. He turned me roughly so I put my hands on the wall, he took my shirt off and started kissing my neck and squeezing my tits, which made my nipples very hard, I felt my pussy is becoming slimy. He was sticking up to me, I felt his cock is hard as a rock.
I turned around, unzipped his pants to see that python in his drawers. I undressed him and huge black beast with blue veins popped up in front of me. I went down on my knees and started sucking that huge cock. I looked in his eyes all the time, he was making the sounds of pleasure. Then he turned me again and shoved his big dick in my horny cave, grabbed my hair and nailed me harder and harder, he pulled my hair roughly, everything I wanted was orgasm, I screamed of excitement, I never felt anything like that in my life. He was so deep in me, with every inch. We didn’t mind about the camera in the corner, or that someone could come to fix the elevator. We both screamed of pleasure.
He grabbed my ass and lifted me up, my legs were around his hips, he pounded me hard, I felt how big and thick was his cock, it was pulsing inside me. I moaned loudly as he bit my nipples more and more. I turned my butt towards him, he put his cock between my ass cheeks and came on my back with loud screams, while I was fingering my pussy and had another orgasm. I kissed him juicy while we were sighing loudly.
Few minutes after, somebody came to get us out of the elevator. He told me that I am a great fucker and we have to do it again. After that, I have never rejected his invitation to go out.

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Wana go wd me..

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