Sex slave pleased his Mistress

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I work in a well-known company for selling real estates, often conceited rich guys who think they can do everything they want with their money, are coming to our office.
That day Alexander came. He barged into my office and started yelling that there is some mistake with the papers for the apartment he just bought, I was already annoyed by his arrogant behavior so I decided to punish him. “Take your clothes off, kneel down and follow me”; he looked at me confusedly and then he slightly smiled. He liked the idea and obeyed. “I feel you are going to be one of my favorite toys”. In a blink of an eye he was naked.
I sat down in the armchair, pulled up my skirt and spread my legs: “Lick you slave! Come on, come on use your tongue, anyways it’s your only sexual organ that has some function“. My juices poured down his cheeks. He tried to stand up but he couldn’t. “Listen, you are my slave and you have to fulfill all of my desires”. – “Yes, mistress”, he confirmed. “Do you like that pussy, slave?” He was shaking his head like hypnotized. I pulled his chin up so he has to look straight in my eyes: “You slave, when mistress is speaking to you, you answer loud and clear! Understood”? – “Understood, my mistress”. “Do you think you deserved to lick my pussy, slave?” – “No, my mistress, I think I didn’t, teach me how to deserve it, I want to satisfy you”. I lifted up my leg on the armchair: “Now slave, I want you to lick my toes and say thank you every five seconds”. – “Yes, mistress”. “I want to see how much do you like my toes, slave”. He licked my toes with his tongue full of saliva, I barely refrained myself not to come. I liked too much to own him so I continued, I ordered him to bend over and stick his ass out so I can fuck him like a real bitch, I put my finger in his tight asshole while his cock was hard like a rock. Then I put two fingers more and fuck him in ass until I come.
I left him on the floor and I only spat at him when I left the room.

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