How I seduced and fucked my teenage student

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I was always a horny guy ever since I hit puberty. I have not been getting much action these days as I recently broke up with my girlfriend. I teach economics at a college and I must say, the chicks out there are really hot, and not long before I got to lay a hand on one chick from my class and that I fuck her even till date, the story goes down like this.
I had to arrange for a special class for students who had failed earlier in my subject i.e. economics so that it would help them to pass this time. But no one turned up except for this one girl, who was quite tall, long legs, road tits, and busty tight ass. I instantly had a hard on thinking of the face that there’s no one else in the class except for me and this young beautiful girl. I told myself that this is one golden chance and that I shouldn’t waste it at any cost as I hadn’t had sex in a long time. I asked her to come and sit up close that I would teach her personally a she agreed. I sat beside her, opened the book and started explaining while she was paying attention that I went near to her face and started explain while she didn’t move away. I slowly placed my hand on her shoulder telling her to do well this time in exams and started rubbing her shoulders while she was looking at me smiling. I sit more close to her and continue with the lesson and I slowly touched her boobs with my right hand and acted as though it was by mistake to which she responded by smiling, I got more courage and asked her about her personal life and placed my hand on her thigh, her facial expression changed as she started breathing heavily and I went closer and licked her lips and she responded back by biting my lips too. I knew it right there that I would fuck this chick right here as I continued to kiss her passionately and make her sit on me while I’m feeling her busty boobs. They are so soft and perfect but I didn’t have a chance to remove them as anyone might come up. She was wearing a skirt as I lift it up and remove her panties and start licking it without wasting any time. After a while, she starts to remove my pants an suck my dick for a while. Its time as I lay her on the desk and spread her legs wide that I insert my rock hard cock into her pussy and fuck her hard to which she is moaning so loudly. I started fucking her hard and deep as I was having sex after a long times, my dick was so hard and I asked her to bend down on the desk while I fucked her from behind and I came all over her busty ass.

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