Best girlfriend and best sex surprise!

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I and my girlfriend have been together since 2 years now. we’re in love with each and enjoy each other’s company. We fuck each other almost daily, sometimes twice in a day. We haven’t lost our attraction for each other. It was 11 pm and it would be my birthday the next day, so my babe tells me she’s going to surprise me with something very special, I was very excited. 12 Am, the clock strikes, everyone is ringing up while my girl takes my phone, throws it away and takes me into our bed room and asks me to close my eyes. I did. She blindfolds me with a black cloth and make sure I cannot see anything, this is exciting I tell myself. She pushes me onto our bed and ties both my hands to the bed. We had never tried this with so much intensity and my breathing increases. I tell my girlfriend that I’m starting to like this very much to which she is “It’s just getting started bad boy” this instantly gave me a hard on. I was horny already as I’m pleading my girlfriend to come close and fuck me while there was no response for few minutes. I thought this was going to be like some bondage scene.
I could feel her climbing the bed and coming close and slowly licking my ear lobes, I wanted to just grab my girlfriend and fuck the shit out of her, but my hands were tied to the bed. She slowly comes near my lips and bites them very hard, I said “ouch, slowly” to which I she held my balls and pressed them hard, I shouted! She then came near my neck and was breathing while I was oozing with pre cum, I had never felt this way before. She then places her ass on my face and directs me to lick her pussy, I loved this as I eat her pussy completely out, she slowly then removes my t-shirt and sucks my nipples. It was a different kind of pleasure I must say, then she goes gown and removes my pant and my dick just bounced out from my shorts to which she gives out an evil laugh which was very new. Then she starts to touch my cock only with her tongue and passing out warm breath and taking in completely in her mouth, Wow! I’m in heaven. She then sits on my cock, I can feel her panties while she slowly slides her panty to the side and takes my cock in her hand and directs my cock into her pussy. I couldn’t have gotten a better surprise ever. She starts to fuck me very hard, so hard that I’m asking her to slow down to which she slapped me in the face, I liked all this though, I was about to cum as I tell her that and she rides me slowly taking every drop of my sperm inside her pussy. I relax as this was the best sex of my life and she comes close to me while kissing me and removes the blind fold only for me to find out that it wasn’t my girlfriend. It was her mother!

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