When me and my boyfriend had hard sex

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It was my birthday and me and my boyfriend were eating sausages.We brought some condoms and  a strapon.

We already had squash, chips and Ice Creams.We were curious and ready to go home earlier, my boyfriend said baby it is too late let us reach home fast.He was driving and I was sitting just next to him. 
His one hand was on steering and another was holding my cock.
He pulled up my frock from one hand and another moment he was shaking my cock. 
I said to him " Oh you naughty!  let us reach home and enjoy".
He said yes baby let us reach home. 
After half and hour driving we have reached our house. 
We both went for shower bath. 
In the bathtub he was totally nude.
Before I opened my clothes,  he pulled me on bathtub.I was feeling horny in wet clothes.
My cock was much harder now.
He opened my frock lace from. His teeth and made me naked.Next moment, my hand was on his cock but my eyes were on his ass.I said baby let me finger your asshole,he was ready said o ya darling my assailed is waiting for your cock.He pulled my panty down.I was completely nude.
My cock was excited.I was wearing condom, the next moment and he was without condom, so I said baby let me duck your asshole.He stretched his both hips inside bathtub and I licked his assailed, he was doing noise " ooooohyababy just like that please do it fast fuck me drill your hard cock inside my ass.
He made me crazy, I pulled him from his hair and inserted my cock inside his asshole.He screamed aaaaaaaahhhhhh yeahhhh baby just like that in my first stroke.
His ass became red like tomato as soon as I spanked him.Water level was not much, it was just for formality we used little amount of water to make our sex mood more crazier,so it was easy for me to drill his big ass.He was continuously saying "ooooooohhhhhhh yeahhhhh baby duck me more, drill your hard cock deep inside my asshole, and fill it with your cum.
I increased speed and drilled his asshole deeply.It became pink from inside.
Before my cum came out, I pulled my cock with my hand, and took him out of bathtub.I pulled his foreskin of cock and dropped all my cum inside his cock's pinkinsh inner portion and ball.My cum  was floating in his whole cock and he hugged me "said baby let my cock taste your ass now.
I applied condom on his cock, I was having my purse on bathroom with condom inside it. 
He kissed my boobs and fingered my asshole.I was crazy. 
We came out of bathtub to floor. 
He was lying over the floor.I was riding over him like babysitter position.
He stroked fast and his condom was damaged. All his Cum he spread to my ass and boobs.
We both started bathing.
Came out of bathroom and arrived at our bedroom.
We started Porn movie.We were lying nude on bed. 
He said baby let us use props. 
We opened sausages packet and I inserted sausage inside his asshole and ate it.
He was curious as well, He showered ice cream on my tits and licked.Next moment we both tied our cocks with handkerchiefs and were following the porn actors. 
As they increased speed we also increased our speed.
It was more sexy feeling than a pussy, when we were stroking our cocks and he was caressing my tits.
We both were wet with cum and eating chips with each other's lips.
We gave each other multiple strokes in our cocks and they become more red and we were applying the edible pastry cream on our cocks after we opened the knot of handkerchiefs. 
We were sucking pastry cocks and with pastry our cocks were releasing lot of cum.
We swallowed and it was a new flavour.
That day, was our memorable sex day.