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From Max 8 years ago 5346views

I’m big, muscular, handsome hunk working as a bodyguard for the famous Kim kardashian. I have always got to look at Kim huge breasts and that busty ass from far angles to close angles but never to actually touch and feel them and fuck the shit out of Kim pussy until one day where my dream came true.
As I told you earlier I was Kim Kardashian bodyguard. Kim had to attend a party in LA as we go there; I stay beside her all the time protecting Kim from her fans and etc while I also see her big ass and boobs sometimes. During the party Kim asked me to wait outside as I did. She comes out of the party hall quite aftertime where she was drunk as fuck and I had to literally take her into the car by myself and I asked her where should I take her. Kim responded saying fuck me hard you asshole. I was taken aback by these words, as some sort of electricity passed through me cause I knew if there was one chance I would get, this would be it, the chance I was waiting from my while life, to fuck Kim Kardashian. I slowly act like I was making her dress fine and pressed her big boobs to which she looked me in the eye and said she wants more of it. I couldn’t wait any longer as I drive her to her home in LA and take her inside her room. Lay her own on the bed, she is out of her senses, and she is acting so wild. I go near Kim lips and slowly touch sweet lips with my tongue and I can feel her breathing heavily as she is turned on by this. I slowly grab her and start to feel every inch of her body while she is eager to kiss and feel my big muscular boy. We start kissing each other and I could feel it in her that she was in no hurry to finish the session quickly as she slowly goes down on me and takes my cock out, stroking it with her sexy hands and makes an eye contact while she takes my whole cock inside her mouth. I moan out in pleasure as I lie her down and spread her legs. Fast take off her thongs and I eat out Kim Kardashian pussy, she says fuck me, fuck me now to which I quickly took my cock and inserted into Kim pussy. Big cock slide in Kim Kardashin pussy easily, as she was wery wet and it was so warm. This was a high class pussy as I thought to myself and I fucked Kim very hard to which she was moaning in pleasure. I took off her dress as I wanted to see her naked and it was the best sight ever. Kim Kardashian huge boobs shaking as I fuck her harder and harder, the way she’s moaning would just make anyone cum instantly while I just came on her big tits so quickly as I was so excited in fucking the famous Kim kardashian while I had the chance.

From Pussy 8 years ago 2686views

Fast gangbang forced anal sex

I was 18, it was winter and deep snow, as every tuesday I was returning from my Chinese language class, I lit my cigarette and waited for a bus at the station. At that moment somebody grabbed me from behind and put something under my nose. Next thing I remember, I was lying naked on the floor with my hands tied. I noticed three older men in the room, they told me I am in a cottage outside the city and that nobody will hear me if I scream.
Sex was not strange to me but I was afraid what that maniacs will do to me. I decided to let go because I could not defend myself anyway. One of them came to me and put his growing dick in my mouth, second one was licking my pussy and third one was jerking off and watched. He was putting his big dick so deep in my throat I could barely breathe, the other one lay beneath me and pushed his cock in my pussy and the third guy bestrided me and spreaded out my butt cheeks and started to forcefully push his rod in my virgin ass. I screamed in pain because he rammed it in my tight asshole.
My eyes were in tears 'cause of pain, but he kept pushing like berserk. "I am gonna smash your whore ass so you can never ever fuck the smaller dick". Huge rod was tearing apart my anus, I
still screamed in pain, but it slowly started turning me on. I felt my anus and vagina were bleeding. They rotated continuously and pushed their cocks in all of my holes. They pulled out their "tools" and splashed my face with sperm. After that they sat down and laughed. My legs were shaking like withe, after half an hour they swooped on me again, I was losing my consciousness periodically and waking up again and again until tomorrow morning.

From Pussy 8 years ago 2115views

I work almost five years as a nurse in a hospital. I am in a relationship last four years so I have never dated my colleagues. Though, there was a pretty married doctor, black haired and imposing, who occasionally invited me to go out.
Since I am I a relationship, I was always skillfully rejecting him. We were often working the shifts together and he was more and more attracting me with his lusty look, of course I was hiding that as he is married and I’m in a relationship.
One afternoon we got into elevator to visit the patients on the fifth floor. We were commenting that there was a lot of patients that day. We started moving upwards when suddenly, the elevator stopped. He looked at me like he was just waiting for that to happen. At that moment we both knew what we want.
His hands were slowly moving from my tits down to my flanks. I was so horny, I looked at him very lusty and he started kissing me so passionate, I desired him so much, I thought I was going to lose my breath. He turned me roughly so I put my hands on the wall, he took my shirt off and started kissing my neck and squeezing my tits, which made my nipples very hard, I felt my pussy is becoming slimy. He was sticking up to me, I felt his cock is hard as a rock.
I turned around, unzipped his pants to see that python in his drawers. I undressed him and huge black beast with blue veins popped up in front of me. I went down on my knees and started sucking that huge cock. I looked in his eyes all the time, he was making the sounds of pleasure. Then he turned me again and shoved his big dick in my horny cave, grabbed my hair and nailed me harder and harder, he pulled my hair roughly, everything I wanted was orgasm, I screamed of excitement, I never felt anything like that in my life. He was so deep in me, with every inch. We didn’t mind about the camera in the corner, or that someone could come to fix the elevator. We both screamed of pleasure.
He grabbed my ass and lifted me up, my legs were around his hips, he pounded me hard, I felt how big and thick was his cock, it was pulsing inside me. I moaned loudly as he bit my nipples more and more. I turned my butt towards him, he put his cock between my ass cheeks and came on my back with loud screams, while I was fingering my pussy and had another orgasm. I kissed him juicy while we were sighing loudly.
Few minutes after, somebody came to get us out of the elevator. He told me that I am a great fucker and we have to do it again. After that, I have never rejected his invitation to go out.

From Alya 8 years ago 2088views

I work in a well-known company for selling real estates, often conceited rich guys who think they can do everything they want with their money, are coming to our office.
That day Alexander came. He barged into my office and started yelling that there is some mistake with the papers for the apartment he just bought, I was already annoyed by his arrogant behavior so I decided to punish him. “Take your clothes off, kneel down and follow me”; he looked at me confusedly and then he slightly smiled. He liked the idea and obeyed. “I feel you are going to be one of my favorite toys”. In a blink of an eye he was naked.
I sat down in the armchair, pulled up my skirt and spread my legs: “Lick you slave! Come on, come on use your tongue, anyways it’s your only sexual organ that has some function“. My juices poured down his cheeks. He tried to stand up but he couldn’t. “Listen, you are my slave and you have to fulfill all of my desires”. – “Yes, mistress”, he confirmed. “Do you like that pussy, slave?” He was shaking his head like hypnotized. I pulled his chin up so he has to look straight in my eyes: “You slave, when mistress is speaking to you, you answer loud and clear! Understood”? – “Understood, my mistress”. “Do you think you deserved to lick my pussy, slave?” – “No, my mistress, I think I didn’t, teach me how to deserve it, I want to satisfy you”. I lifted up my leg on the armchair: “Now slave, I want you to lick my toes and say thank you every five seconds”. – “Yes, mistress”. “I want to see how much do you like my toes, slave”. He licked my toes with his tongue full of saliva, I barely refrained myself not to come. I liked too much to own him so I continued, I ordered him to bend over and stick his ass out so I can fuck him like a real bitch, I put my finger in his tight asshole while his cock was hard like a rock. Then I put two fingers more and fuck him in ass until I come.
I left him on the floor and I only spat at him when I left the room.

From Hot_Sex 8 years ago 1825views

My boyfriend Marko and I used to wach erotic movies very often, so he realized that group sex turns me on,although he didn't do anything about that albeit I said that I would like another girl to join us.

My birthday came. At 9 PM someone rang the doorbell. It was a pretty,blonde girl with silicone lips and tits, named Gaga, in mini skirt and with protruding tits. I realized it's my present. We sat in the living room, she came to me right away and started sucking my fingers, I felt that turns me on so much, my pussy was wet, I put my hand in my panties and pushed my fingers inside. I moaned loudly. I looked at Marko who was already jerking his dick.She slowly slid her tongue to my pussy and started licking me. Marko came to me and put his hard cock in my mouth, I sucked it while Gaga was pushing her tongue in my pussy,then in my ass. I was coming and she drank my vagina juices deliciously. Then she got up and grabbed Marko's dick and put it in her mouth whileI was licking his balls. Gaga went down on the floor, I was on her,we were rubbing each other and kissing,Marko stood up and started fucking us aletrnately. Marko fucked me in the ass, all of us were so horny and making loud screams. "Turn around and stick your ass out" he told to her, she obediently done what he asked.I went under so I can lick her pussy while Marko is pounding her.He put his cock in her warm pussy, she moaned when he got in, my tongue was sliding over her clitoris.
Marko nailed her harder and harder,she curled of pleasure. Suddenly she clenched and screamed, she came. Marko began to moan loudly, he pulled his cock out and started coming on her ass and over my face. I took it and licked, Gaga was licking my face.

From Max 7 years ago 1749views

I was always a horny guy ever since I hit puberty. I have not been getting much action these days as I recently broke up with my girlfriend. I teach economics at a college and I must say, the chicks out there are really hot, and not long before I got to lay a hand on one chick from my class and that I fuck her even till date, the story goes down like this.
I had to arrange for a special class for students who had failed earlier in my subject i.e. economics so that it would help them to pass this time. But no one turned up except for this one girl, who was quite tall, long legs, road tits, and busty tight ass. I instantly had a hard on thinking of the face that there’s no one else in the class except for me and this young beautiful girl. I told myself that this is one golden chance and that I shouldn’t waste it at any cost as I hadn’t had sex in a long time. I asked her to come and sit up close that I would teach her personally a she agreed. I sat beside her, opened the book and started explaining while she was paying attention that I went near to her face and started explain while she didn’t move away. I slowly placed my hand on her shoulder telling her to do well this time in exams and started rubbing her shoulders while she was looking at me smiling. I sit more close to her and continue with the lesson and I slowly touched her boobs with my right hand and acted as though it was by mistake to which she responded by smiling, I got more courage and asked her about her personal life and placed my hand on her thigh, her facial expression changed as she started breathing heavily and I went closer and licked her lips and she responded back by biting my lips too. I knew it right there that I would fuck this chick right here as I continued to kiss her passionately and make her sit on me while I’m feeling her busty boobs. They are so soft and perfect but I didn’t have a chance to remove them as anyone might come up. She was wearing a skirt as I lift it up and remove her panties and start licking it without wasting any time. After a while, she starts to remove my pants an suck my dick for a while. Its time as I lay her on the desk and spread her legs wide that I insert my rock hard cock into her pussy and fuck her hard to which she is moaning so loudly. I started fucking her hard and deep as I was having sex after a long times, my dick was so hard and I asked her to bend down on the desk while I fucked her from behind and I came all over her busty ass.

From Max 7 years ago 1582views

I and my girlfriend have been together since 2 years now. we’re in love with each and enjoy each other’s company. We fuck each other almost daily, sometimes twice in a day. We haven’t lost our attraction for each other. It was 11 pm and it would be my birthday the next day, so my babe tells me she’s going to surprise me with something very special, I was very excited. 12 Am, the clock strikes, everyone is ringing up while my girl takes my phone, throws it away and takes me into our bed room and asks me to close my eyes. I did. She blindfolds me with a black cloth and make sure I cannot see anything, this is exciting I tell myself. She pushes me onto our bed and ties both my hands to the bed. We had never tried this with so much intensity and my breathing increases. I tell my girlfriend that I’m starting to like this very much to which she is “It’s just getting started bad boy” this instantly gave me a hard on. I was horny already as I’m pleading my girlfriend to come close and fuck me while there was no response for few minutes. I thought this was going to be like some bondage scene.
I could feel her climbing the bed and coming close and slowly licking my ear lobes, I wanted to just grab my girlfriend and fuck the shit out of her, but my hands were tied to the bed. She slowly comes near my lips and bites them very hard, I said “ouch, slowly” to which I she held my balls and pressed them hard, I shouted! She then came near my neck and was breathing while I was oozing with pre cum, I had never felt this way before. She then places her ass on my face and directs me to lick her pussy, I loved this as I eat her pussy completely out, she slowly then removes my t-shirt and sucks my nipples. It was a different kind of pleasure I must say, then she goes gown and removes my pant and my dick just bounced out from my shorts to which she gives out an evil laugh which was very new. Then she starts to touch my cock only with her tongue and passing out warm breath and taking in completely in her mouth, Wow! I’m in heaven. She then sits on my cock, I can feel her panties while she slowly slides her panty to the side and takes my cock in her hand and directs my cock into her pussy. I couldn’t have gotten a better surprise ever. She starts to fuck me very hard, so hard that I’m asking her to slow down to which she slapped me in the face, I liked all this though, I was about to cum as I tell her that and she rides me slowly taking every drop of my sperm inside her pussy. I relax as this was the best sex of my life and she comes close to me while kissing me and removes the blind fold only for me to find out that it wasn’t my girlfriend. It was her mother!

From mervicska 7 years ago 1537views

This is sam again. After tiresome but enjoyable maths tuition, I telephoned Sister Ritha to ascertain convenient time with her to get tuition on Science subjects. She said since the following day was a holiday and many people from the convent are away to come preferably in the morning and meet the Mother.

I bought a parcel of biriyani for the sister and some chocolates for the mother and went to the convent and rang the bell. A maid came and ushed me to the room of the Mother. I went bowed before her and kneeled. Mother asked me to get up. She too was young may be in the late 30s. She looked beautiful. I told her my mission.

She called for Sister Ritha and asked for her confirmation. Sister told her that I was an above average student and she need not to have to strain to fulfil her task. Mother said she too will be happy to visit us when we are in our session of tuition. I places the packet of chocolates in front of the mother. Her face brightened up on seeing the chocolates and smilingly she wished me well.

Sister Ritha led me to a secluded room among ever so many empty rooms in the convent, I handed over to her the biriyani parcel I had brought for her. She too was happy to receive the food packet from me and asking me to sit, she rushed out perhaps to keep the food parcel in a safe place. She came back soon and sat in front of me in a bench, with a desk separating us.

She was in her habit with concealed her entire body revealing just her beautiful young face. Since there was no fan and it was warm, she just loosened her habit to allow more air. I could see her cleavage and abundant bosom. When I was watching her chest, there was movement in my jockey which in my tight jeans was very uncomfortable.

When she was busy going through my papers, I just looked under the desk and I found her lifting her habit and scratching her knee. Just as I moved my knee, our knees touched each other. Sister just looked down and saw my unusual bulge which she could identify with a shy smile.

She said we should have had a private room for such tuitions, because where we may sit other sisters come spying and sometimes mother superior also come. Let me see, she said and went around to search for a suitable place and came back and told me that there is a room in the library which will give us adequate privacy.

We both rushed to this room, but we did not notice that Mother had seen our going to this room. As soon as we reached this room Sister put on a cabin fan, closed the door and asked me to pull out my cock out of my jockey. My 8" rod evinced keen interest in her and she squatted on the floor and started to suck my cock.

She said it is long time since she had a cock to eat and started to suck it with all eagerness. It went down upto her throat and her tongue was playing around it expertly which showed that she was an expert cock sucker. Suddenly the door opened and the Mother Superior came in and saw my enlarged and extended cock and Sister devouring it.

She pushed the sister aside and asked her to close the door behind and lied on the bench and lifted her garment upto her waist baring her pussy. She asked me to lick her pussy in full view of the sister. I obeyed her by bending over her and licked her clitoris and licked her hairy pussy.

She lifted her legs and opened her cunt and asked me to fuck her. I pulled down my jockey and went on her inserted my cock into her cunt. It was not going in. She asked the sister to keep my cock in the hole properly and asked me to push it down. Because of non use, her hole was very narrow and fiound it difficult to allow my cock inside.

But I took pains to push and push and finally the whole thing went in in full gaze of the sister. Then I fucked her with deep thrusts. Mother was grunting and enjoying. Sister was looking at the other side. By ten or twelve strokes mother reached her orgasm and asked me to stop and pull out. She asked the sister to take position and lift her garments up.

I inserted my cock mechanically into her cunt and pushed it forward. These things could have been done with more grace and love, but the women wanted to go through the process as early as possible so that others may not come to know. Sister Ritha was younger and her discharges were very copious. I could place my hands on her hoobs and squeeze them.

It took time for my getting full penetration, in full view of the mother, My cock successfully made a full entry. I fucked her with short strokes and then long and deep strokes. Sister was overwhelmed and was enjoying as could be seen from the expressions on her face. Now I was getting my orgasm and I had to work for it.

Deep and strong strokes brought about my orgasm and I shot streams of semen into the cunt of the sister. Mother was just looking. Perhaps she wanted another round for herself. Promising to come back again and satisfy all their needs I just escaped from the convent. Later I came to know that many sisters were ready for the experiment under the guidance of the mother.

From Petrabi 7 years ago 1304views

I was all alone at home where in I was too horny today unlike rest of the days. I always had a long big dildo to pleasure myself when there is no real cock. So I decided to use the dildo, I remove my pants and come and sit on this dildo fucking it hard thinking it is a hard cock of my previous boyfriends. I like my dildo, its long and big and it fucks me right in my pussy. I ride this dildo very hard and start to masturbate myself while I fuck and rub my clit at the same time. I start moaning as this is no less than an actual dick. I’m imagining that this is a real cock while I’m riding it hard and enjoy. I slap my pussy and rub it harder and harder. There is so much pleasure in fucking a dildo when you’re too horny. My intensity is building up as I almost feel like coming which I did, all my juices are out and I feel so relaxed. I just sit there stroking that dildo like a real cock while I sit back and relax myself as I just climaxed.

From Hotkinkyanniella 6 years ago 1114views

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