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From Hot_Sex 8 years ago 1825views

My boyfriend Marko and I used to wach erotic movies very often, so he realized that group sex turns me on,although he didn't do anything about that albeit I said that I would like another girl to join us.

My birthday came. At 9 PM someone rang the doorbell. It was a pretty,blonde girl with silicone lips and tits, named Gaga, in mini skirt and with protruding tits. I realized it's my present. We sat in the living room, she came to me right away and started sucking my fingers, I felt that turns me on so much, my pussy was wet, I put my hand in my panties and pushed my fingers inside. I moaned loudly. I looked at Marko who was already jerking his dick.She slowly slid her tongue to my pussy and started licking me. Marko came to me and put his hard cock in my mouth, I sucked it while Gaga was pushing her tongue in my pussy,then in my ass. I was coming and she drank my vagina juices deliciously. Then she got up and grabbed Marko's dick and put it in her mouth whileI was licking his balls. Gaga went down on the floor, I was on her,we were rubbing each other and kissing,Marko stood up and started fucking us aletrnately. Marko fucked me in the ass, all of us were so horny and making loud screams. "Turn around and stick your ass out" he told to her, she obediently done what he asked.I went under so I can lick her pussy while Marko is pounding her.He put his cock in her warm pussy, she moaned when he got in, my tongue was sliding over her clitoris.
Marko nailed her harder and harder,she curled of pleasure. Suddenly she clenched and screamed, she came. Marko began to moan loudly, he pulled his cock out and started coming on her ass and over my face. I took it and licked, Gaga was licking my face.