Heidi Klum

Heidi Klum

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The incredibly beautiful and successful Supermodel, Heidi Klum, is world famous and can be seen everywhere on the TV in the magazines and also in films and commercials. Heidi Klum is a German supermodel, the presenter of Germany's Next Top Model and Project Runway. Even though I do not know porn videos or sex tape of her, I always get rock hard when I see her photos and especially when I see her in a bathing suit. She has an incredibly beautiful figure and her eyes and face are so sexy and make every cock greedy for fucking. Her career began in 1992 when she participated as a 19-year-old female student in the Model '92 competition. Already in the time she looked very nice, and because she was an adult, I can say that I would love to fuck her and make sex video with her. Heidi Klum won first place and got 300 thousand dollars and a three-year contract as a Fotomodel. Heidi completed her apprenticeship and did not want to accept her training place as a modedesigner in Duesseldorf, but she went straight to the United States. There she lives since 1993, has three children and was married twice. Heidi Klum is certainly in many noughty thoughts of teenagers and older men, because no one can reject these sexy tits and her, certainly beautiful, pussy. Oh, she would really get it off me, I would not take my cock out of her for hours. Although Heidi Klum is also an actress, she would not have to fake me orgasms, because I know how I can get her. But let's talk about her acting career - she has played in many famous series as Heidi Klum or someone else. Some of the series she has appeared on are Sex and the City, How I Met Your Mother, Malcolm In the Middle, Desperate Housewives and many others, she also has in movies such as The Devil Wears Prada and Ella - Bewitching & Enchanting. Both films are part K├Âmodien, which confirms their sense of humor, because it always shows on GNTM that she likes to laugh but that she can also be strict. She would be very good at domination in bed. Today Heidi Klum still works, has a successful life and three beautiful children, she is not married, so she is always available to get good fuck.

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Supermodel, presenter of Germany's Next Top Model and Project Runway
Heidi Klum
Jun 01, 1973
Birth Location
Bergisch Gladbach, Germany
Heidi Klum
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