Little Caprice - Marketa Stroblova

Little Caprice - Marketa Stroblova

Celebritie`s Biography

Little Caprice, as we call her with our love for her body. Her real name is Marketa Stroblova. This little horny bitch was born on October 26, 1988 in the Czech Republic. I wish I was born there too. She was working in a beverages shop selling beverages to people after her college where she hadn’t become a famous slut yet. Marketa was selling beverages where later turned out that she was selling herself as she had left the job as the pay was very less and she wanted more. She was then introduced to the adult industry by her friend who told her that the money is great and she soon made a sex tape which was accepted by the adult industry as they welcomed her into it. Marketa Stroblova was indeed asked to enhance her breasts and make them big as they were too small at that time as she entered the adult industry when she was 18 and her boobs hadn’t grown completely. She denied to that because she said she wanted to be a different kind of porn star, someone small and flexible and not bulky and busty. She was interested in porn by default as she herself showed in a lot of interest. No wonder why she turned out to become a famous whore real soon. Marketa Stroblova had a tough time in shooting for her first video as the guy had a real big cock and she had a tough time to take it fully in so several men had to be changed until she got used to it as now she even takes black dude’s. Fuck black dude’s, her pussy can even take a wooden log, it’s so stretched out. After the video, her name Little Caprice started spreading faster than she was spreading her legs. She was wanted by many industries and she had signed a contact with many of them. Little Caprice started to make hefty money that she even told on an function event that she is going to stick to porn industry till she’s old as she sees money and fame in it and. Such a whore by nature, I wonder how many people would have fucked their girlfriend thinking about this bitch. She was diagnosed with renal infection for several days and hospitalized. After recovering she took off to Spain to have her first anal sex on the beach, such a dedicated whore. Little Caprice even launched her own website so that the rich can fuck her by making a deal for her pussy. She became a very famous porn star, people started recognizing everywhere. Of course they will as people love porn and they love porn starts more. Her crew and casting members say that she’s very cooperative and active on set and that she has given blow jobs to every single worker for free. I wish I was a worker to you know just to get blown from this skinny whore or wish I was filthy rich enough to buy her ass, my little princess – Little Caprice! Marketa Stroblova start with her porno career with her 18 years when she public her first adult material. Young teenage girl, sweet Little Caprice is very relaxed in sex games and this little doll is born to handle big cocks and fuck every man on Earth.

About Celebritie

Porn Star movies: Teen Rebel - 2011; My Sexy Kittens 56 - 2011; Young and Curious 4 - 2011; My Sexy Kittens 52 - 2010; Sweethearts from Europe 4 - 2010; Young and Curious 1 - 2010; Young and Curious 3 - 2010; Sporty Teens 10 - 2009; Russian Institute Lesson 16: Lolitas
Little Caprice, Caprice, Lola, Lolashut, Caprise, Patricia, Marky, Kacey, Caprise S, Marketa,
Oct 26, 1988
Birth Location
Prague, Praha, Czech Republic
Marketa Stroblova - Markéta Štroblová
My Website
32B-25-34 Bra/cup size: 32B
90 lbs / 41 kg
5' 3" ( 63 inches) / 160 cm
Eye Color
Hair Color

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