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Name: Max Hard Fucker
About me: I am a hard fucker.
Gender: Male
Relation: Taken
Birth Date: 1990-04-09
Country: United States
City: Miami
What I'm looking for: Tinny pussys
Things I love during sex: Moaning during sex.
My erogenous zones: Head on dick.
My best attributes: Big dick.
Sex with famous Kim Kardashian - Best Sex I ever had in my life See All
From Max 8 years ago 5346 Views

I’m big, muscular, handsome hunk working as a bodyguard for the famous Kim kardashian. I have always got to look at Kim huge breasts and that busty ass from far angles to close angles but never to actually touch and feel them and fuck the shit out of Kim pussy until one day where my dream came true.
As I told you earlier I was Kim Kardashian bodyguard. Kim had to attend a party in LA as we go there; I stay beside her all the time protecting Kim from her fans and etc while I also see her big ass and boobs sometimes. During the party Kim asked me to wait outside as I did. She comes out of the party hall quite aftertime where she was drunk as fuck and I had to literally take her into the car by myself and I asked her where should I take her. Kim responded saying fuck me hard you asshole. I was taken aback by these words, as some sort of electricity passed through me cause I knew if there was one chance I would get, this would be it, the chance I was waiting from my while life, to fuck Kim Kardashian. I slowly act like I was making her dress fine and pressed her big boobs to which she looked me in the eye and said she wants more of it. I couldn’t wait any longer as I drive her to her home in LA and take her inside her room. Lay her own on the bed, she is out of her senses, and she is acting so wild. I go near Kim lips and slowly touch sweet lips with my tongue and I can feel her breathing heavily as she is turned on by this. I slowly grab her and start to feel every inch of her body while she is eager to kiss and feel my big muscular boy. We start kissing each other and I could feel it in her that she was in no hurry to finish the session quickly as she slowly goes down on me and takes my cock out, stroking it with her sexy hands and makes an eye contact while she takes my whole cock inside her mouth. I moan out in pleasure as I lie her down and spread her legs. Fast take off her thongs and I eat out Kim Kardashian pussy, she says fuck me, fuck me now to which I quickly took my cock and inserted into Kim pussy. Big cock slide in Kim Kardashin pussy easily, as she was wery wet and it was so warm. This was a high class pussy as I thought to myself and I fucked Kim very hard to which she was moaning in pleasure. I took off her dress as I wanted to see her naked and it was the best sight ever. Kim Kardashian huge boobs shaking as I fuck her harder and harder, the way she’s moaning would just make anyone cum instantly while I just came on her big tits so quickly as I was so excited in fucking the famous Kim kardashian while I had the chance.

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