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I and my girlfriend have been together since 2 years now. we’re in love with each and enjoy each other’s company. We fuck each other almost daily, sometimes twice in a day. We haven’t lost our attraction for each other. It was 11 pm and it would be my birthday the next day, so my babe tells me she’s going to surprise me with something very special, I was very excited. 12 Am, the clock strikes, everyone is ringing up while my girl takes my phone, throws it away and takes me into our bed room and asks me to close my eyes. I did. She blindfolds me with a black cloth and make sure I cannot see anything, this is exciting I tell myself. She pushes me onto our bed and ties both my hands to the bed. We had never tried this with so much intensity and my breathing increases. I tell my girlfriend that I’m starting to like this very much to which she is “It’s just getting started bad boy” this instantly gave me a hard on. I was horny already as I’m pleading my girlfriend to come close and fuck me while there was no response for few minutes. I thought this was going to be like some bondage scene.
I could feel her climbing the bed and coming close and slowly licking my ear lobes, I wanted to just grab my girlfriend and fuck the shit out of her, but my hands were tied to the bed. She slowly comes near my lips and bites them very hard, I said “ouch, slowly” to which I she held my balls and pressed them hard, I shouted! She then came near my neck and was breathing while I was oozing with pre cum, I had never felt this way before. She then places her ass on my face and directs me to lick her pussy, I loved this as I eat her pussy completely out, she slowly then removes my t-shirt and sucks my nipples. It was a different kind of pleasure I must say, then she goes gown and removes my pant and my dick just bounced out from my shorts to which she gives out an evil laugh which was very new. Then she starts to touch my cock only with her tongue and passing out warm breath and taking in completely in her mouth, Wow! I’m in heaven. She then sits on my cock, I can feel her panties while she slowly slides her panty to the side and takes my cock in her hand and directs my cock into her pussy. I couldn’t have gotten a better surprise ever. She starts to fuck me very hard, so hard that I’m asking her to slow down to which she slapped me in the face, I liked all this though, I was about to cum as I tell her that and she rides me slowly taking every drop of my sperm inside her pussy. I relax as this was the best sex of my life and she comes close to me while kissing me and removes the blind fold only for me to find out that it wasn’t my girlfriend. It was her mother!

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I was always a horny guy ever since I hit puberty. I have not been getting much action these days as I recently broke up with my girlfriend. I teach economics at a college and I must say, the chicks out there are really hot, and not long before I got to lay a hand on one chick from my class and that I fuck her even till date, the story goes down like this.
I had to arrange for a special class for students who had failed earlier in my subject i.e. economics so that it would help them to pass this time. But no one turned up except for this one girl, who was quite tall, long legs, road tits, and busty tight ass. I instantly had a hard on thinking of the face that there’s no one else in the class except for me and this young beautiful girl. I told myself that this is one golden chance and that I shouldn’t waste it at any cost as I hadn’t had sex in a long time. I asked her to come and sit up close that I would teach her personally a she agreed. I sat beside her, opened the book and started explaining while she was paying attention that I went near to her face and started explain while she didn’t move away. I slowly placed my hand on her shoulder telling her to do well this time in exams and started rubbing her shoulders while she was looking at me smiling. I sit more close to her and continue with the lesson and I slowly touched her boobs with my right hand and acted as though it was by mistake to which she responded by smiling, I got more courage and asked her about her personal life and placed my hand on her thigh, her facial expression changed as she started breathing heavily and I went closer and licked her lips and she responded back by biting my lips too. I knew it right there that I would fuck this chick right here as I continued to kiss her passionately and make her sit on me while I’m feeling her busty boobs. They are so soft and perfect but I didn’t have a chance to remove them as anyone might come up. She was wearing a skirt as I lift it up and remove her panties and start licking it without wasting any time. After a while, she starts to remove my pants an suck my dick for a while. Its time as I lay her on the desk and spread her legs wide that I insert my rock hard cock into her pussy and fuck her hard to which she is moaning so loudly. I started fucking her hard and deep as I was having sex after a long times, my dick was so hard and I asked her to bend down on the desk while I fucked her from behind and I came all over her busty ass.

From Max 7 years ago 5123views

I’m big, muscular, handsome hunk working as a bodyguard for the famous Kim kardashian. I have always got to look at Kim huge breasts and that busty ass from far angles to close angles but never to actually touch and feel them and fuck the shit out of Kim pussy until one day where my dream came true.
As I told you earlier I was Kim Kardashian bodyguard. Kim had to attend a party in LA as we go there; I stay beside her all the time protecting Kim from her fans and etc while I also see her big ass and boobs sometimes. During the party Kim asked me to wait outside as I did. She comes out of the party hall quite aftertime where she was drunk as fuck and I had to literally take her into the car by myself and I asked her where should I take her. Kim responded saying fuck me hard you asshole. I was taken aback by these words, as some sort of electricity passed through me cause I knew if there was one chance I would get, this would be it, the chance I was waiting from my while life, to fuck Kim Kardashian. I slowly act like I was making her dress fine and pressed her big boobs to which she looked me in the eye and said she wants more of it. I couldn’t wait any longer as I drive her to her home in LA and take her inside her room. Lay her own on the bed, she is out of her senses, and she is acting so wild. I go near Kim lips and slowly touch sweet lips with my tongue and I can feel her breathing heavily as she is turned on by this. I slowly grab her and start to feel every inch of her body while she is eager to kiss and feel my big muscular boy. We start kissing each other and I could feel it in her that she was in no hurry to finish the session quickly as she slowly goes down on me and takes my cock out, stroking it with her sexy hands and makes an eye contact while she takes my whole cock inside her mouth. I moan out in pleasure as I lie her down and spread her legs. Fast take off her thongs and I eat out Kim Kardashian pussy, she says fuck me, fuck me now to which I quickly took my cock and inserted into Kim pussy. Big cock slide in Kim Kardashin pussy easily, as she was wery wet and it was so warm. This was a high class pussy as I thought to myself and I fucked Kim very hard to which she was moaning in pleasure. I took off her dress as I wanted to see her naked and it was the best sight ever. Kim Kardashian huge boobs shaking as I fuck her harder and harder, the way she’s moaning would just make anyone cum instantly while I just came on her big tits so quickly as I was so excited in fucking the famous Kim kardashian while I had the chance.