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The owner of the largest penis on the world wrote a song to his "Big One"

by Sarah87 on 2015 Sep, 24

Jonah Falcon, also known as Mr. Big, or as a man with the largest penis in the world is now his 13.5-inch "cock" dedicated a song with a meaningful title.



The song title Is Too Big. Falcon has joined forces with Adam Bart, and both together sang: "I heard from every boys and girls / They want to test the largest in the world / But this beast has to be stretched, in order to be able to use, " sings bisexual Jonah, which has a 9.5 inch long penis which, in erection rate of up to incredible 13.5. inches.

Falcon song is available on iTunes and on Youtube with the name: It's TOO Big!

 He refused to comment the song, and his agent, Former Porn Star Gina Rodriguez, send the media just a short message: "He is not be giving any interviews!"

42-year-old Falcon holds the world record for the biggest penis in the world for the last decade.

Magazine Rolling Stone wrote a reportage with a titled Mr. Big in 2003. Falcon has also hosted many times in radio wit Howard Stern. He has also appeared in several documentaries.


Nobody looks into hes eyes

Last summer, he found himself in the spotlight when his large penis triggered a security scare at the airport in San Francisco. He was going on the plane to New York when he was stopped by a security guard and asked him what he has in his pants. He replied that nothing other than his sexual organ. After careful searching by security guards they finaly let him go, but the story was immediately found in the headlines.

Falcon has already stated that his incredible "gift of nature" actually ruin his life.
"In my youth I used to go out in tight trousers and I had sex every night with another person. But I'm exhausted and I've have enough of this, that people see me as sex machine. This is the curse."

The average flaccid penis is 3-4 inches, and Jonah's measures in at a staggering 8 inches


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