Quickie sucking, cum in 3 minutes in secretary mouth

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I needed a break my work that I went to get a blow job from my sexy secretary who was already working at my office. I go near her and tell her that I need to relax and that I want a blow job from her sexy mouth, she immediately starts to remove my pant an take out my dick and ready to suck me hard as she strokes it with her hand at first and teases me a bit while I become really horny now. She starts to slowly touch it with her tongue and then takes my whole cock inside her mouth. Her mouth is so wet and warm, feels like a pussy. I’m looking at her boobs which are just ready to jump and come out and I tell myself that I will cum on those huge pair of tits. She is looking into my eyes as she is sucking my cock and she is stroking it with her mouth nonstop, I can feel my dick getting ready to cum more and more with her every stroke, she is using her tongue as well inside her mouth which is driving me even more crazy as I cum inside her mouth and she swallows it.
Good secretary know how to satify the customer while waiting for the business meeting

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