mom masturbates

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omg mom your tits are so fucking huge. I was so horny that I just got back from work and removed my clothes and just slept on the bed spreading my legs. I took my vibrator with me and started to tease myself. My boobs are jumping around and they are so big that one would keep pressing and sucking them all day long. I started the vibrator and put it into my pussy and started to feel the pleasure already. I was on cloud nine. Nothing can give you more pleasure than natural sex. I’m slowly moving the vibrator up and down while it does what it has to do. I slowly increase the speed of the vibrator and it feels so amazing and I just lie down and enjoy the pleasure. It feels better than an actual cock. The momentum is building up and I can literally feel my intense cum loading and piling up inside. I start to close my legs and bring them closer to tighten the pussy so that the pleasure increases and it does so while I start to cum inside my wet pussy. I move my ass up and down and release all my cum. It was the best thing ever.

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