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I have tied up this whore and used instruments to spread her pussy and tied her clitoris. She likes this rough treatment and I like to torture this way. It’s always kinky and fun. Her clitoris is so big. I start to slowly rub it giving her a bit of pleasure at first. I slowly start to pinch it and then rub it as well. I start taking pictures of this big clit and this torturing pussy in my camera. I click several pictures. After that I start to touch it with a tooth brush. She starts to scream as the tooth brush is usually hard and rough and clitoris is so soft. I hold it with another instrument and touch it with a tooth brush again and this time harder. The idea of pleasuring and torturing sexually is always exciting for both the parities. I can feel this girl being excited and scared at the same time. I remove the thread and start to hold it with the tooth brush and rub it nicely pleasing her more and also giving her a bit of pain.
Enjoy in extreme clit tortue video. The clitoris is almost as big as a small penis.

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I like porn