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Collin Ferelland and Nicolle Narain

Collin Ferelland and Nicolle Narain

Celebritie`s Biography

Collin Ferelland and Nicolle Narain were two celebrity couples once upon a time. Collin comes from Irish background, a very famous actor perhaps. He is known as Playboy Collins as he is known to date many girls. Out of which Nicolle was once of his babes. She is a model and an actress too, she’s quite black though. Collins on the other hand is handsome and white while this female is also stunning. It was love towards their bodies. They were fucking each other obviously. Collins on the other hand has a very big and a good name in the movie industry. He was always known for his charm. Nicolle was a sex addict as she was getting treated for it from a doctor. The news spread faster than the wind. It was all over the news papers, news and whay not. I would have fucked her all day and night long and fulfilled her lust. I hope Collin’s did the same. There was a sex tape leaked which was homemade by them both when they were together. The sex tape was quite boring as they both were lying naked and walking around more than fucking around. Maybe Collin’s was already bored of that black pussy, fucking Nicole Narain every hour as she was a sex addict back then. Sources claimed that Nicolle released the sex tapes to ruin Collins name in the industry and everywhere as they were on the verge of breaking up. The sex tape which showed the Colin Ferelland and Nicolle Narain nude and having sex went viral obviously. He filed a lawsuit on Nicolle, the websites playing the sex tape. She too had filed lawsuits where both came to understanding and was given $5 million for its rights. The home tape video is still available in certain websites. Many of us have jerked off to Nicolle’s black ass and tits. They two are good looking models and yet they made such a boring sex tape. If I been in Collin’s place I would have tied her up and fucked her up all night long in the same position and place. I would even use Viagra if needed to fuck that sex addict but would have never missed that chance and to make a good sex tape. Her sex addiction came under normal circumstances as she came into light and said at the Joey Behar Show that after the sex rehab, she is able to stay normal, I wish I knew how much times she would have sex in a day or a week then. Nicolle and Collin even went on a secret vacation even after their breakup. They must have been missing their boring sex as they took off on a vacation to fuck somewhere in peace. Ever since then the couple have not been seen together. Perhaps Nicolle hasn’t come into light at all. Collin is getting is life going normally, working on his new movies and serials. Colin Ferelland produced on some latest movies too.

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Collin Ferelland and Nicolle Narain Sex tape Biographie
Collin Ferelland and Nicolle Narain Sex tape Biographie
May 31, 1976
Birth Location
Castleknock, Ireland
Collin Ferelland and Nicolle Narain

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