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Jenna Lewis - Naked Survivor

Jenna Lewis - Naked Survivor

Celebritie`s Biography

Many know this beauty from the popular shows Survivor: Borneo where she starred in the season one and finished on the eighth place and from Survivor: All - Stars from season eight where she finished third. There is where many saw her potential and realized how beautiful and sexy she is. Jenna Lewis was born in 1977 on a 16th of July. After 22 years she went public taking part of the famous series Survivor. Although she did not win, she got back to our screens and gave us the chance to see her amazing body once more in the All - Stars edition of the series. But the main thing we know 2004 for, in life of Jenna Lewis, is because of the sex tape that leaked featuring her. The porno movie featured her with her former husband, Travis Wolfe, in a Las Vegas' hotel room, having some fun. It was reported that they made the sex tape for their own pleasure, but soon it became a little suspicious. That is because Jenna Lewis said where and how people could buy the porno, that is of course because that way they could make money out of it. Later that year, in December 2004, New York Time reported that her manager, she and her husband were behind the site and that they got 70% of the money made through sales. However that could not stop many people to enjoy the video of her giving a blowjob and being fucked by her husband.

About Celebritie

American reality show, television personality, My Date with Drew, Survivor: Borneo, Survivor: All-Stars
Jenna Lewis
Jul 16, 1977
Birth Location
Franklin, New Hampshire, U.S.
Jenna Lewis
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