Elmar masturbates in pantyhose, body, bra and Pumps

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8 years ago 4,974 18:17
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I always loved the idea of wearing pantyhose, bra pumps and masturbating. So I started trying them on and started watching porn by slowly touching myself at the groin area like how all these chicks do. I started rubbing near my groin as I’m feeling the heat. I start to spank myself as well. It’s turning me on very much. I start to try doggy style and pose nicely. I spank myself and it feels nice. I’m so hard and tempted. I remove the stockings and start to play with my dick. I start to jerk my cock off slowly. I remove the stockings and start to masturbate. I slowly start to remove my t-shirt as well. I’m wearing a bra inside which is turning me on more in a way I was never turned on before. I start to lie down sideways as I’m jacking off in every style I could think off. This is the first time I have ever tried this and it’s so appealing to jerk off like this. It tempts you so much. My load will be very pleasing and huge as I can feel it piling up. I start to jerk off faster as I feel I’m about to cum and I cum all over myself and it was the best experience ever.
This horny porn movie I filmed on my bed. I wear a skin-colored e Strumpfhose, a black bra from a friend, a black body with Druckknöpfen and my new black pumps. I cum again with ahorny orgasm and a lot of sperm my hot juice sperm on my breast. Have fun with it and please rate enjoy, Elmi :)

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Strumpfhosen_Elmar's Avatar
Strumpfhosen_Elmar 7 years ago

Hi, it´s me - Strumpfhosen_Elmar from Solingen-Ohligs (Germany). Do you like my nasty video? :)